Race Nights

 Race Night

Race Nights for Corporate & Fundraising Events

Lost Vegas Race Nights are a perfect way for your organisation to raise money, and at the same time impress your guests and make sure that they are having a great time. We can help with other fundraising ideas as additions to your evening, making it one that your guests will remember for a lifetime

  • Professional MC to ensure the smooth running of your event
  • Large 8ft x 12ft Screen
  • Tote Girls
  • Tote Betting Tickets
  • Personalised Betting Cards
  • Nine High Quality Races
  • Room Theming (Horse and Jockey Cutouts)

This could be a just for fun event for a charity or all monies are paid back in prizes. With Jockey, Owner and Trainer tickets purchased prior to each race we will also give a winners rosette/trophy/medal to each winner. The event can also be run with our own printed fun money.

Scratchcards/Raffles/Losers Draw also available for fundraising.