Kerri Smith Miss Plus Size International 2013

Wishing one of our croupiers Kerri the best of luck as she has managed to get into the finals of Miss Plus Size International 2013!

The biggest plus size event in the UK! On 23 November 2013 at Thé grand Connought rooms in London.

Kerensa will be walking the catwalk as part of a modelling competition with 22 other plus size models who were chosen to compete for their chance to be crowned as Miss Plus Size International 2013.

Kerry was trained by Grovesnor in Luton as a croupier. Then she progressed to à manager on thé cruise ships .  Kerry is also à licenced body guard.  

Plus size women across the world have applied in their thousands, with a select few making it through to the finals.

Kerri who is a keen motorcyclist is also the only horse rider to be in the competition.

41 Year Old Kerri says:  “I believe we are living in diverse times where all things are possible so if there is something you want to do just follow your dreams and keep believing. Don’t let size or age hold you back - just be the best you can be with what you have got. There is a great world out there, and maybe life does begin at 40!”

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