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I watched this Panorama documentary about the darker side of gambling with great interest as i personally encountered several players with severe gambling addictions and problems when i used to be a croupier at Grosvenor casino years ago. 

The worst example i personally saw was when a player had a heart attack at my blackjack table and collapsed on the floor, i was told by my supervisor to continue dealing cards to players who were accquaintances of him who continued to play!  An ambulance was called, the gentleman was resucitated and the paramedics attempted to assist him out of the casino, he refused to leave and wanted to carry on gambling!!

(one of the reasons i was happy to leave the casino industry and am now involved in Fun Casino Events for pure entertainment)

I believe the problem has been exacerbated by the introduction of FOBT machines, which are fast and highly addictive, as well as the introduction of Internet Gambling and even being able to gamble on TV from the comfort of your lounge on late night tv channels.  You can literally gamble now 24 hours a day without restrictions, very worrying, gambling is an addiction similar to alcohol and drug addiction and can be just as devastating if untreated.

Even in recession-hit Britain, the gambling industry is still making a profit - £5.6 billion last year. With casino-style gambling now available day or night at the touch of a button in our homes and on our phones, Panorama explores its popularity... and reveals a darker side.

Watch this interesting documentary here:

Reporter Sophie Raworth hears from those who have found their lives spiralling out of control, and from industry insiders who say violence and frustration, linked to fast-paced high-stake gambling machines, are increasing in our high street betting shops. Panorama goes undercover in some of Britain's bookies to test those claims.

The focus is on the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, which are highly addictive and players can lose hundreds of pounds a day!

This is a good video to watch (and its only two minutes) if you really want to learn the truth about FOBT:
The whole truth about Bookmakers Roulette Machines (FOBT) - YouTube

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